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Scenes of pure Disney/Pixar perfection:

Toy Story 3’s Incinerator Scene:

For the most part, there was no doubt in my mind that they would make it out. But still, deep down, in the deep recesses of my mind, for once, during ANY Disney or Pixar movie, there was doubt. In all of the Toy Stories, Buzz and Woody have always found a way out of some pretty impossible situations. When Buzz was strapped to a rocket in the first one, literally seconds away from being blown to smithereens, Buzz quickly activates his wings or rockets or whatever and saves Woody’s life along with his own. In the second movie, when Woody got captured and was going to be sent to Japan, just as the plane was about to take off, Woody saves the day and finishes the long awaited Woody’s Round-Up finale and was able to make it back home to Andy. So when I saw this scene, I was so excited. How were they gonna get out of this one? They find some spring and Buzz and Woody double team and save everyone? No. As they frantically tried to escape, Jessie asked the question, “what are we gonna do?!”. The next part surprised me the most. Buzz grabs her hand and prepares for the end. As the rest of them do the same, Woody still clings to hope as he uses every ounce of the strength he has left, determined to make it out with his friends. But as Buzz gives Woody a look, he knows there’s nothing he can do. You can see that right before they were about to fall, he was still afraid. But it didn’t matter. Because in the end, they would be together. One of the darkest scenes in Pixar, yet also one of the best.

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